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Communications Supervisor
The Crete Police Department Communications Supervisor reports to the chief of police and leads the communications section. In addition to performing the duties of telecommunicator and supervising the communications section, the communications supervisor is the chief’s primary advisor for city communications. The communications supervisor identifies communications resource needs and coordinates with the lieutenant to fulfill these needs. The communications supervisor trains the city's telecommunicators and prepares them for positions of greater responsibility. As a key supervisor for the city, the communications supervisor works with the supervisors of other departments to better meet the needs of the people of Crete. The communications supervisor is responsible for information processing, city communications and records.

Telecommunicators are sometimes referred to as dispatchers and are responsible to the communications supervisor. They assist in accomplishing the goals of the department and the communications section. Telecommunicators are the city government’s primary operational link for emergency services. They also use all available means to efficiently process and maintain information and provide this information to the city’s “First Responders” 24 hours a day. These employees monitor the emergency communications of other agencies, operate the city’s teletype system, answer 9-1-1 calls and assist emergency service workers.