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Fire and Rescue
Fire Station.JPG The 50-member Crete Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad provides the Crete community with emergency services and contracts with Saline County Rural Fire District and Highland Rural Fire District to provide protection to areas outside of city limits.

Crete has 275 fire hydrants. The fire insurance classification inside the corporate limits is 5; outside is 8-9. The average annual expenditures for the past three years were $150,000. The department is 100% volunteer with approximately eight personnel per 1,000 population.

The Hazardous material response capabilities of the Crete Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad is the awareness level with a Contaminant and Removal Certified team within 30 miles of Crete (Lincoln).

The Department also outfits an 8 man diver SCUBA search, rescue, and recovery team.

The rescue squad responds to calls with two ambulances fully rigged with basic life support equipment. First responders are usually on scene anywhere in city limits within 1-2 minutes. The City of Crete also owns a transfer ambulance, which is used for local patient transfers and transfers to and from facilities in Lincoln and Omaha. It is also available as a backup ambulance if needed.

In 2006, Crete Fire and Rescue responded to over 500 calls for service. Over 350 calls were for medical service, nearly 100 fire calls and 63 for miscellaneous reasons such as storm watches and searches for missing persons.