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Mango Languages
Learn a new language @ Crete Public Library!


Please note that this program is not available for NebrasKard patrons.

This is a self-paced program that is available for patrons in two versions:
  1. Mango Basic teaches everyday greetings, goodbyes and helpful phrases in a short period of time. It is designed to appeal to a beginner in a new language. The courses, which require only two to five hours of time to complete, are currently available in 34 foreign languages and 15 English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.
  2. Mango Complete is a 100-lesson course that is designed to provide a more in-depth understanding of a language and its culture. It is available in 31 foreign language and 14 ESL courses.

Accessing Mango
To get to Mango, click on the Mango link you will find displayed in each of these three places:

Whichever location you use to access Mango, you will find yourself at the library’s online catalog. Here, you will need to login to the catalog with your library card number and your phone number (don’t include area code and omit the dash between the first three numbers and the last four numbers.) Once you log into the catalog successfully, you will then be able to click on the Mango link and get started from there.

Creating a Mango Account
When you log on for the first time, Mango will prompt you to create a profile. This will be your individual account that allows you to track your progress over the course of your studies.

When you create a profile via the library’s website, either at the library or from home, work, etc., you will be required to enter your patron barcode number along with your e-mail address and password. To enter your patron barcode successfully, it must be six digits, so add zeros at the beginning of the barcode number until you’ve reached a total of six numbers.

After you have created a profile, Mango will e-mail you with a link to activate your account. Once the account is activated successfully, Mango will send another e-mail verifying that.

You also have the option of clicking on the Start Learning button to bypass setting up an account. You will need to enter your patron barcode number.

See these YouTube videos for information about the program and how to get started:

Have fun! Please contact the library if you have any questions.


This new program was made possible by the Friends of the Crete Public Library.