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ORGANIZATION 070523 Small.jpgOperation
The Crete Police Department serves the Community 24-7 and is organized to not only respond to crime and disorder but also to prevent crime and seek solutions to Community problems.

The Department is simply designed into four distinct sections (Communications, Patrol, Support, and Investigations). These sections carry out independent functions and also coordinate interdependent actions which contribute to the overall success Disp Feeken.jpgof the organization.

The members of the Communications Section operate the City’s Emergency Communications Center. To accomplish this, telecommunicators:
  • Answer 9-1-1 calls.
  • Manage City radio communications.
  • Operate Community warning systems.
  • Respond to the needs of police officers.
  • Prepare and account for Department records.
  • Greet and assist station visitors.
  • Maintain communication links with State and local emergency services.

Lt Young 1.jpgThe members of the Patrol Section watch the City and perform tasks that prevent crime and disorder. This includes:
  • Patrolling the City.
  • Answering calls for service.
  • Presenting public safety programs.
  • Apprehending law violators.
  • Investigating traffic accidents.
  • Assisting other law enforcement agencies.
  • Identifying conditions facilitating criminal behavior and disorder.

The members of the Support Section focus their efforts toward those issues not necessarily requiring the attention of police officers. This includes: 
  • Enforcing parking and animal ordinances.
  • Operating the surrey.
  • Abating nuisance properties.
  • Maintaining Department equipment, vehicles, and also the police station and grounds.
  • Coordinating Community volunteer support.

The investigator devotes attention to issues directly linked with solving crimes. This includes: 
  • Acquiring materials needed to effectively process crime scenes.
  • Training police officers in investigative techniques.
  • Consolidating and managing information.
  • Coordinating and sharing information
    The Investigations Section is currently inactive
    with prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Identifying crime patterns and recommending response actions.