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Services and Fees

Bicycle License Pet License Burn Permits Hobbiest Permits Gun Permits
Fingerprints Record Review Vehicle Towing Animal Impound Vacation Checks
Copies of Reports Parking Citations                                 

Payments may be made at the police station. Checks should be made out to, “City of Crete.” There will be a $25 charge on any returned check.

Licenses and Permits
  Purpose Requirements Fee
Bicycle Licenses Bicycle licenses allow the department to record the description and serial number of each bicycle. When a lost or stolen bike is found, the recorded information allows us to return it to the owner. Bicycle owners must bring their bicycles to the station. FREE
Pet Licenses Stray pets pose a health and safety danger to the public. To reduce this threat, the department attempts to capture stray pets and return them to their owners. Pet licenses allow us to identify the animals' owners and determine if the animals have been vaccinated for rabies. Licenses aid the speedy return of impounded pets, reducing the owners' boarding charges. Pet owners must bring vaccination records to the station.

Please do not bring pets to the police station.
$ 11 - 21
per year (includes state fee)
Burn Permits The Crete Volunteer Fire Department approves permits for rural district residents who want to burn brush and other debris. Since the police station is open around the clock, 365 days of the year, it is a convenient place for area residents to apply for permits.

Burning is not authorized within the city limits
Individuals who need burn permits must complete applications at the police station, to be signed by the fire chief. FREE*

* The fire department may charge a $10 inspection fee.
Hobbiest Permits Vehicle owners of unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles, who wish to repair or restore them, may receive a permit for up to two vehicles per property.

Without a hobbiest permit, an unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicle may be deemed a nuisance and subject to removal/abatement action under the city’s nuisance property ordinances.
Vehicle owners must bring their government issued, photo identification and vehicle titles or registration (with an identifiable VIN) to the police station and provide the location of the vehicle(s). $ 100 for 180 days.

$ 100 for the next 90 days if substantial progress is made during the first 180 days

  Purpose Requirements Fee
Copies of Reports

Ref: Nebraska State Statute 29-3524
Upon request, the department will provide paper copies of case reports, free of charge, for individuals listed in the report. Reports will be issued to involved individuals' insurance carriers and attorneys, for a fee.

Portions of most reports may be available to the public.
Individual or entities requesting copies must bring their government issued, photo identification. They must make payment at the time of request or be billed with the approval of the communications supervisor.
$ 5
1-10 pages*

$ 10
11-20 pages

$ 1
per page after 20

* The department may waive the initial $5 charge for victims requesting copies totaling no more than 10 pages.
Fingerprints The department is willing to fingerprint anyone who is required to submit their fingerprints for the purpose of employment or licensure. People wanting to be fingerprinted must bring in fingerprint cards, usually supplied by the entity requiring the fingerprints. They must also bring their government issued, photo identification 

The person to be printed must make payment for the prints at the time of printing or be billed with the approval of the communications supervisor.
$ 5 per set of two cards
Record Review The department will review local records for governmental entities. Individuals may receive copies of their own records..

The communications supervisor is the approving authority for record reviews.
Individual requesting copies must bring government issued, personal photo identification.

Entities or persons requesting the review must make payment at the time of request or be billed with the approval of the communications supervisor.
$ 5 per record review

Vehicle Towing
  Purpose Requirements Fee
  The department tows vehicles for a variety of lawful reasons (e.g. to remove them as traffic obstructions, parking violations, nuisances, post-arrest of the vehicle operator.)

Unclaimed vehicles may be disposed of according to law.
Unless waived by the chief of police, the owner/operators are responsible for all service charges from the business operating the tow truck, in addition to those fees identified at right.

Unless authorized by the chief of police, vehicles will only be released to the vehicle owner.

Vehicles will not be released until all fees/fines have been paid.
$ 25 impound fee per vehicle

 $ 5 storage fee per day held (if in city lot)

any associated parking fines (see parking citations below)

Animal Impound
  Purpose Requirements Fee
  The department captures and impounds stray animals to enhance community safety and control the city animal population.

Unclaimed animals may be disposed of according to law.
Unless approved by the chief of police, animals will only be released to their owners.

Animals will not be released until all fees/fines have been paid.

Unless waived by the chief of police, the animal’s owner is responsible for all veterinarian charges for the care of the animal, in addition to those fees identified at right.
$ 20 impound fee per animal*

* This fee increases to $40 for any subsequent impoundment.

All associated fines

Vacation Checks
  Purpose Requirements Fee
  The department will check a home occasionally while the owner is away on vacation (30 days or fewer in a calendar year). Homeowners spending more than 30 days away from home each year may considering hiring a private security firm to watch their property while they are away. Homeowners must complete a written request at the police station before departing. We will need the name and phone number of a trusted friend or relative in the area who will have a key to your property.

The department will not make checks on any property without a keyholder in the area.
Parking Citations

Purpose Requirements Fee

The department enforces local parking ordinances to facilitate traffic flow and good order within the community. The department may tow vehicles in addition to issuing citations (see vehicle towing above).

The department does not issue warnings prior to issuing a citation or towing a vehicle.

Unclaimed vehicles may be disposed of according to law.
Vehicle owners/operators are to abide by local parking ordinances. Violations may result in fines and fees.

Owners/operators in receipt of parking citations may pay fines and associated costs at the police station, which is open around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Owners/operators are responsible for claiming vehicles in the possession of the city.
Handicap Violations
$ 100
if paid within 72 hours
$ 200 if paid after 72 hours

Other Violations
$ 10 i
f paid within 72 hours

$ 20 if paid after 72 hours

any associated towing and impound fees (see vehicle towing above)

Gun Permits

Purpose Requirements Fee

The department assist's the state of Nebraska by processing gun permit applications for people who live in Saline County. State law requires a person hold a valid firearms purchase certificated to buy, lease, rent or receive a handgun unless the person transferring the gun is the spouse, sibling, parent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or grandchild of the recIpient. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

Applicants must provide a current Nebraska driver's license, Nebraska identification card or U.S. military identification card.

Applicants born outside the U.S. must also provide a copy of citizenship papers, U.S. passport or alien resident card.
Application Fee
$ 5