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The Support Section is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing logistical and operations support of the Department. These functions include managing the use and maintenance of all Department logistical resources (i.e. police station and grounds, vehicles, weapons, office equipment, patrol equipment, etc.), the coordination of volunteer programs and volunteers, assistance with criminal investigations, the operation of the senior surrey and providing a broad range of support to assist other Department employees in completing their daily tasks and responsibilities.

The Support Sergeant reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for assisting in the conduct of internal inquiries, the preparation of fiscal budgets, the development of policies and procedures and the production of reports for the Governing Body and other government agencies. In addition, the Sergeant is responsible for effectively disseminating information to media representatives, conducting statistical analysis and planning, representing the Department to outside law enforcement agencies and inter-agency organizations and responding to other assignments as directed by the Chief of Police or Lieutenant.

Sgt Menagh 4.jpgSergeant Chad Menagh
Sergeant Chad Menagh joined the Crete Police Department in 1997 and is currently assigned as the Support Sergeant. Sergeant Menagh previously served as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer and Investigations Sergeant. Sergeant Menagh holds an Advanced Certificate to practice law enforcement in Nebraska at the supervisory and management level. Sergeant Menagh has served as a guest instructor at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Intelligence Network (NeLEIN) as the Training Coordinator. He is a member of the Police Officers Association of Nebraska (POAN) and the Midwest Gang Investigators Association (MGIA). Sergeant Menagh holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration and Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Com Svc Ofc Wardle 2.jpgCommunity Service Officer (CSO) Terrie Wardle
CSO Terrie Wardle joined the Crete Police Department in 2001. She reports directly to the Support Sergeant and is responsible for the operation of the Senior Surrey, maintenance of the police facility, providing temporary relief for dispatchers and assisting police officers with less-hazardous duties such as directing traffic or searching for lost children. CSO Wardle is a long-time Crete resident and a graduate of Crete High School. She also attended Southeast Community College and received a diploma in Medical Assisting.

The availability of transportation meets a great need within the Community. The Crete Senior Surrey is an exceptionally inexpensive means for citizens to move about the City. This taxpayer supported service is capable of delivering virtually any citizen anywhere within the City during its hours of operation. The Surrey's normal operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 3:00PM. The Surrey does not operate on holidays observed by the City. Surrey operations may also be suspended, without notice, due to hazardous weather or other conditions.

Due to the generous hospitality of Doane College, the Nebraska Law Enforcement Intelligence Network (NeLEIN) has selected the College as the site of its annual training event. Each year, dozens of seasoned law enforcement officers from across the State attend an in-depth study of emerging investigation techniques. Lessons during this 2-week course include leadership, leveraging technologies, surveillance operations, photography, search and seizure, crime scene management, etc. As recognized experts in select fields, Crete officers are asked to present one or more lessons during each annual training session.

Inter-Agency/Department Coordination
The Department must work with other organizations to utilize available resources to best meet the needs of the people of Crete. The Support Sergeant represents the Department to law enforcement support organizations such as the Nebraska Law Enforcement Intelligence Network (NeLEIN) and the Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center (MOCIC). The Sergeant understands the functions and capabilities of these organizations and, as the Department?s lead representative, maintains open communication with these organizations and counter-parts in other member law enforcement agencies.

Station Maintenance
Due to budget constraints, Department employees do most of the station maintenance. These actions are coordinated within the Support Section.

Reserve Officers
Reserve police officers are a vital link between the Department and the Community. These professionals provide Crete with an invaluable personnel resource in times of need. Reserve police officers, like their full-time counterparts, are appointed directly by the Mayor of Crete. These officers work part-time with full-time police officers maintaining order, preserving peace, fighting crime and protecting life and property. While important, the reserve force is not designed to replace or supplant the full-time force.