Fire and Rescue

The 50-member Crete Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad provides the Crete community with emergency services and contracts with Saline County Rural Fire District and Highland Rural Fire District to provide protection to areas outside of city limits.

Crete has 275 fire hydrants. The fire insurance classification inside the corporate limits is 5; outside is 8-9. The average annual expenditures for the past three years were $150,000. The department is 100% volunteer with approximately eight personnel per 1,000 population.

The Hazardous material response capabilities of the Crete Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad is the awareness level with a Contaminant and Removal Certified team within 30 miles of Crete (Lincoln).

The Department also outfits an 8 man diver SCUBA search, rescue, and recovery team.

The rescue squad responds to calls with two ambulances fully rigged with basic life support equipment. First responders are usually on scene anywhere in city limits within 1-2 minutes. The City of Crete also owns a transfer ambulance, which is used for local patient transfers and transfers to and from facilities in Lincoln and Omaha. It is also available as a backup ambulance if needed.

In 2006, Crete Fire and Rescue responded to over 500 calls for service. Over 350 calls were for medical service, nearly 100 fire calls and 63 for miscellaneous reasons such as storm watches and searches for missing persons.

Community Development in Crete

The City of Crete is active in community development. The City, the Chamber of Commerce, along with other entities including Doane College, Crete Public Schools, and industry partners join with state and federal entities to facilitate attracting business to our area.

The City and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development frequently join together on housing, public works, and economic development projects.

On November 2, 2010 the citizens of Crete approved an LB840 Economic Development Plan for the City of Crete and an additional 1/2% local option sales tax to fund the plan. An Advisory Board has been appointed by the Mayor and City Council to oversee the plan. You can review the plan here. Economic Development Plan

Applications are accepted by the Advisory Board who meets quarterly (January, April, July, October) to hold public hearings on the applications submitted. The application form is available to print here.


One of our greatest joys is spending time with children and adults who share a desire for safety and security. Please call on us if we may present a program to your group. Here are just a few examples of the programs we offer:

Bicycle Safety
Children must understand the rules of the road and the inherent dangers of bicycle riding before they take to the streets. Officers support the efforts of parents and educators by taking time to reinforce the importance of riding bicycles safely and guiding children through the practical application of new skills.

Junior Police Patrol
In the Spring of each year, the Department presents a four-week series of safety and crime prevention topics to the City’s 4th Grade students. During the program, children learn how to make a 9-1-1 call, how to avoid trouble and report crimes, what to do in an emergency, safety measures to take prior to and during a disaster, and why drugs are so harmful. This is a fun way for children to build positive relationships with officers at an early age.

Neighborhood Watch
The Department coordinates this nationally recognized crime prevention program. Police officers assist local neighborhoods in organizing a Watch Group and help all involved prevent crime.

Holiday Safety
The safety of the City’s children is one of the Department’s highest priorities. Our staff devotes a great deal of attention to developing programs that help children make good decisions during special holidays.

Boy Scout Merit Badges
The Department is proud to support the efforts of local youth groups. Upon request, staff members will gladly instruct young people on any relevant topic of interest. One reoccurring set of presentations includes assisting local scouts achieve merit badge qualifications.

Staff members teach would-be-babysitters how to react in an emergency. We place special emphasis on the necessity of remaining calm during emergencies and the importance of knowing how to make an effective call to 9-1-1.

Identity Theft
Identity theft is a growing problem in America. Officers provide helpful tips to prevent from being a victim and useful advice on the steps to take if someone has stolen your identity.

Safety for Seniors
Officers provide useful crime prevention tips to Crete’s seniors and describe the steps to take if confronted by crime.

Police Officers Are My Friends
All too often, the media portrays law enforcement officers in hostile or controversial situations. While these do occur, officers may be more accurately viewed in their service role. Officers visit classrooms with a warm and personable manner demonstrating our care and concern and concern for children.

Station Tours
Opened in 1999, the Crete Police Station offers the City a contemporary assortment of technology and facilities necessary to accommodate the Community’s present needs and those of the future.

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